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Make Me a Sandwich: New Typography Work

I hope you enjoy my newest typography piece, Make me a Sandwich. This was inspired by an inside-joke between my husband and I. I drew the type and sandwich separately so that I wouldn’t have to deal with the overlap. I also drew the elements of the sandwich drawn apart so that I could stack and compile it on the computer. Here are the two hand-inked sketches that I scanned into the computer to work with in vector format.



I brought both of these drawings into Illustrator and created a vector image of the two, and added color. Colors were hard to decide on this one!


Since there were so many elements of this one, I did more hand-drawn textures than usual. Also, because I had drawing the sandwich elements separately and wanted to apply the textures to each element to make it look realistic, I spent more time on the textures in Photoshop than usual. Here are some of the textures I created using ink, crayon, and pencil:

ink-texture-sandwich-150dpi sandwich-texture2-150dpi sandwich-texture1-150dpi MakeMeASandwich-texture2-150dpi MakeMeASandwich-texture1-150dpi ink-texture-text-150dpi

Finally, I combined all of the elements in Photoshop to come up with the finished piece. While the sandwich I chose to display was a hamburger, I hope to do some variations with several types of sandwiches in the background and different color schemes. Fun!


Now, go make me a sandwich! ;o)


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