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New typographic work: Probably

This piece is part of a series I am doing with short words, like maybe and possibly. I’ve already posted those two on the site, so here is probably. I actually finished this one a few weeks ago, but somehow forgot to post it. I had a lot of fun with the decorations on the outer edges of this one, and ultimately made it look like an old-timey movie divider text background.

Here is the initial inked drawing. I knew that I would have a hard time recreating the patterning on all four corners, so I ended up decided to do the detailing on the computer.


I also knew I wanted to do some detailed lines in the lettering, so I drew those separately and combined them with the outlines/shapes of the letters on the computer. The bottom part of the “y” is currently on the top here, based on where it fit on the page.


I brought both of the above drawings into Illustrator, vectorized it, and finished the detailing on the corners and background. I also added the color. I was going to make this tones of purple, but ended up enjoying the aspect of the grays and blacks better, which hearkened to an old-timey feel and complimented the decoration.


Next I drew some textures that I would apply to the finished piece.

probably-texture1-150dpi probably-texture2-150dpi

And finally, after bringing all of the layers into Photoshop, applying the above textures and painting some directly into Photoshop, and also applying some additional textures to the background, here is the finished product.



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