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New Typographic Work: And This, Too, Shall Pass Away

Here is my newest typographic piece, And This Too Shall Pass Away, a variation off of a famous saying that originated in Persian poetry. This piece was hand-drawn and hand-inked, then scanned into the computer to colorize and finish it. I actually started this quite a while ago, but ran into less time and less motivation to finish it, so it took me a couple of months to get to this finished piece. This piece was also more difficult because I added more decorative elements to it, so the hand-drawing and cleanup of those elements took much longer. I still allowed a lot of variation and hand-drawn flavor, meaning I didn’t pull out a ruler, compass, or other tools when I was inking, allowing for the natural inconsistencies of my hand to take over.

I did some sketches before I finalized my composition, ending in a finished pencil sketch.


After finalizing my pencil sketch, I hand-inked the drawing. This is the piece I scanned into the computer. I drew the letter detailing on a separate sheet of paper to make it easier to scan in.



I brought both scanned images into Illustrator and added color. I ended up changing some of these before I finalized the drawing, but I was going for shades of brown for a more vintage and old-timey feel.


Then I did some hand-drawn textures, using pencil, crayon, and ink.

texture1-150dpi ink-texture-150dpi texture2-150dpi

I combined all of these in Photoshop, and added some other finishing touches, and here we have the finished piece. Good advice for the new year!



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