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Fat Chance, new typography piece

Hello everyone! This month saw me spending my time doing may other things than finishing my hand-drawn typography artwork. I had this one started for a while, but just lacked the time and motivation to see it finished. But today, ta-da! Finally finished…

I started by hand-drawing and hand-inking my letters and background onto paper, then scanning them into the computer. I knew that a lot of the overlap would have to be done on the computer, so the composition was ink in different pieces anticipating combining them once I made them digital.

chance-and-background-150dpi fat-150dpi

Once scanned in, I fussed with the composition and added color and details.


Then made some hand-drawn textures (below) so I could combine them in Photoshop with my very flat looking vector image (above).

FatChance-pencil-ink-bckgrnd-150dpi FatChance-pencil-crayon-150dpi FatChance-ink-wash-150dpi

And finally, the magic of Photoshop. I combined all of the above, adjusted the color, added some shading and depth, and the finished piece is done! Enjoy!



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