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Hello Sunshine!

Well, so maybe today in Chicago isn’t so sunny, but that didn’t stop me from finishing my latest typographic drawing, Hello Sunshine!

The inking and vector versions look very basic since this was such a simple drawing, but I added most of the color and complexity in Photoshop. The inking of the burst was done on a separate sheet of paper so that I could drop it behind the letters. And don’t worry, those vector colors aren’t final! I knew I would be adding effects and textures to the burst that would help it fade into the background.

HelloSunshine-orig1-150dpi Print

And then, into Photoshop for the finished piece. I added color to the background, as well some hand-drawn textures that I created with pencil and ink, then did some painting in Photoshop to add the gradient textures to each part.


Have a sunny day!


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