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Summer Artist Trading Cards Exchange Complete!

I wanted to thank everyone for participating in the summer Artist Trading Cards exchange! The deadline was Saturday, and I am working to process, scan in, and then exchange all of the cards and get the return envelopes out to participants. I had a total of 30 people who mailed in their cards for exchange, including a bunch of new participants and a great variety of wonderful visuals!

I’m still working on scanning in all of the cards, but I am posting a teaser picture of my own cards. I completed 33 cards, so there is one of mine for each participant, plus a few extras. For this exchange, I decided to do a series of simple pen-and-ink illustrations, so each card is hand-drawn, unique, and explores different imagery in black and white. These were a lot of fun to do and I definitely got my creative juices flowing!

ATCs_JenniferHines_081515-1-150dpi ATCs_JenniferHines_081515-2-150dpi ATCs_JenniferHines_081515-3-150dpi ATCs_JenniferHines_081515-4-150dpi

In the coming weeks, stay tuned for more images from this exchange and the announcement for the fall/winter exchange! More information can be found here:

Thanks to all of the participants, and if you couldn’t make this exchange, make sure you check back in for the announcement of the next exchange!


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