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BOLD art show catalog and advertisements design project

A while back, I was taking an evening class and ended up planning a hypothetical art show that could take place at the Art Institute Chicago based on their permanent collection.


The brief for the show is as follows:

“BOLD: DARING DRAWINGS, Works on Paper from the Museum Collection. The show will contain 45 works on paper, and will span four areas: Bold line, bold shapes, bold color, and bold imagination. The show will focus on works on paper from the collection of the Art Institute, and will attempt to draw in a younger audience by putting a new spin on older and modern works on paper. Focus will need to be on the bold or daring nature of the drawings, and advertising will look to pull in the attention of a younger crowd who are used to multi-tasking and multiple stimuli in their everyday world. Bold and daring things hearken to youth and current trends, and will put these artworks in a new light.”

For this project, I wanted to focus on works on paper because I feel like they often don’t get the same publicity as paintings, but I love paper and drawings so thought I could highlight the craft in this exhibition. I chose the theme (as mentioned above) and selected 45 pieces from the Art Institute’s collection from their website. Then I sorted them into categories and created a catalog for the exhibit that aligned to the theme and categories. I also created several ads to advertise the event. It was a big project and was very fun to create! I hope you’ll enjoy the pictures of the elements that I created–see below for mockups of the catalog and advertisements (they weren’t actually printed).

Catalog cover and interior page mockups:



Mockups of ads on CTA, bus shelter, and the front of the Art Institute entrance:CTA-train-ad2CTA-train-ad1 CTA-bus-shelter-ad-poster  Bold-CTA-bus-ad2 Bold-CTA-bus-ad



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