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Chalkboard lettering for my office wall

I decided to try out some chalkboard lettering on the chalkboard “wallie” sticker that is on my office wall. I left the bottom clear so I could still keep a to-do list below this, but for the top I decided to do the quote “Work Hard Play Hard”.

2015-08-31 12.39.31

2015-08-31 12.19.23 2015-08-31 12.19.28 2015-08-31 12.19.35 2015-08-31 12.19.41 2015-08-31 12.39.13

The wallie, which is like black contact paper, was a little harder to use chalk on for something that is detailed since it doesn’t have a nice tooth like a real chalkboard and it allows the texture of the wall to come through more, but I was still able to get pretty good letterforms and lines. I wasn’t 100% worried about getting it perfect since it’s just chalk. ;o)


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