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Come On Baby, Light My Fire, handmade matchbox art

Recently I created a handmade matchbox to house a typography quote. I wanted to play with cut paper and create some depth in the inside, so the outside I created a ink drawing that I colored in with colored pencils, and the inside I created a cut-paper collaged sculpture.

Here are some initial sketches…


Then the templates for the matchbox (because I made my own), with my final pencil sketch for the cover.


Based on my pencil sketch, I finalized the drawing of the outer sleeve. I free-hand drew the rest of the sleeve (sides and back) based on roughing in pencil patterning on the paper. I didn’t pre-plan the back or sides much.


Then I ended up decided to color in the actual sketch and use it for the final box. I was thinking I could scan it into the computer, do the coloring on the computer, and make a digital print of it, but I decided that would take more time and be less handmade looking. So I went this route.

ComeOnBabyLightMyFire1-smaller ComeOnBabyLightMyFire2-smaller

The entire interior is done with cut paper. I used some foam to stack the paper cut-outs to add some dimensionality, and pasted the text onto sheets of mylar to emulate smoke and allow the text to sit on top.

ComeOnBabyLightMyFire3-smaller ComeOnBabyLightMyFire4-smaller ComeOnBabyLightMyFire5-smaller

This was a fun project and I hope to do more art in boxes. ;o)


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