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How Much Wood… Woodchuck tunnel book made from cut paper

I recently have been creating objects out of cut paper rather than just illustrating type and putting them into the computer. The first project was a matchbox, but this one I tried out a tunnel book. I decided to illustrate the famous woodchuck tongue-twister.

Initial drawings…

HowMuchWood-Woodchuck-TunnelBook-sketches1 HowMuchWood-Woodchuck-TunnelBook-sketches2

Here’s a progress shot of me putting it together… harder than you would think…


And the finished product! The piece is a mix of cut paper (using many different types of paper, many found in the scrapbooking aisle in JoAnns) and illustration. The book has four layers/depths, plus the printed background layer. The different parts of the background are more or less visible in different lighting, so there are a few variations here. The paper I used for most of the text was also iridescent, so it had a slight shimmer that made it stand out from the background.

HowMuchWood-Woodchuck-TunnelBook-angle2 HowMuchWood-Woodchuck-TunnelBook-angle1 HowMuchWood-Woodchuck-TunnelBook3 HowMuchWood-Woodchuck-TunnelBook2HowMuchWood-Woodchuck-TunnelBook1


And finally, a few detail shots:

HowMuchWood-Woodchuck-TunnelBook-detail3 HowMuchWood-Woodchuck-TunnelBook-detail2 HowMuchWood-Woodchuck-TunnelBook-detail1

Overall I am happy with how this came out. The typography was just invented handwritten fonts made by me, and the layering and building of this was challenging but rewarding. Hopefully I’ll make another one soon now that I know what I’m in for.


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