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See Ya Later Alligator! (typography piece)

Another finished typography piece!

Finished Piece!
Finished Piece!

This was one I had actually started a while ago, and had done all the sketching, drawing, and inking months ago. I finally got around to doing all the computer processing, translating it into a vector drawing, adding color, and finishing it up in Photoshop with handmade textures that I scanned in and some additional Photoshop magic.

So here are the sketches and in-progress shots:

2015-11-15 01.08.132015-11-15 01.08.46  2015-11-15 01.09.08b  SeeYaLaterAlligator-orig-small SeeYaLaterAlligator-details-small 2015-11-15 12.06.58

And the final piece again to sum it up:

Finished Piece!
Finished Piece!

2 thoughts on “See Ya Later Alligator! (typography piece)

  1. Nice job on the See Ya Later text. You could still work some magic on the alligator. I am so behind on Photoshop skills. But, with the primitive photo editing program I used about a half dozen years ago, I could do a few things with the alligator. I have no idea what you all did there with the silhouettes and “vectors.” But, good job showing your work.

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