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Paper Heart Dispatch, launched!

Hello, and Happy New Year! With 2015 having drawn to a close and 2016 starting in full swing, I was finally able to launch my Etsy shop, Paper Heart Dispatch! Paper Heart Dispatch is a passion project of mine and shares whimsical, paper-oriented cards, postcards, signs, invitations, and related items, so you can communicate to those you love with paper. I love paper, and feel a little disconnected in an entirely digital existence. This is my way to keep paper, and receiving real, tangible, hand-written sentiments by mail, alive!

The shop already has a spattering of cards and will continue to grow as I put up new cards in the upcoming weeks, with art prints and other related paper items to come soon. I’m also open to custom invitations and projects, so keep me in mind for any needs you or your friends might have.

Some of you may have already seen my Facebook page, but I invite you to “Like” Paper Heart Dispatch on Facebook and to check out the shop on Etsy to keep apprised of the happenings and show your love for paper.

Sending a note or card via “snail mail” still costs less than $1 and means so much more than a digital communication–especially when our mailboxes are mostly full of junk mail and catalogs. A handwritten tangible note from someone you love means so much more! So send out your heart posthaste!


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