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Artist Trading Cards Exchange In!

Wow, what a great response I received for this most recent spring artist trading cards exchange! The deadline just passed and I got so many creative cards in the mail, and am very excited to exchange the cards and get them out to participants. Here’s just a little taste of a few artists’ cards:

2016-03-24 08.11.222016-03-24 19.16.33

Once I process all of the cards and get them scanned into my computer, I’ll post full images of the sets from all of the participating artists in the flickr album I keep with images from current and past exchanges. Check out the past images now, and stay tuned for images from this exchange, up soon:

And lastly, get ready for the next exchange, due in August! I know it sounds so far away, but hopefully the long deadline will allow everyone to get creative around summer activities. I’ll send an announcement for the summer exchange soon, but feel free to start making some new cards!


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