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100-day Project Nearly 3/4 Complete!

As some of you may have learned from previous posts, I am participating in a 100-day project where you pick a topic or method and complete a creative task each day on it for 100 days. It started in January, and suddenly today I am at day 69, less than a week shy of being 3/4 of the way complete. That means I’ve done nearly 70 drawings! I chose the theme “Illustrated Lettering Doodles” because I wanted to do quick sketches of lettering and something illustrated and combine them together. I made the strict rule that the illustration would be in pencil so that it was less precious and I wouldn’t feel bogged down by the need to ink it. The idea was quick, fun sketches… and I have had fun with these, and have gotten some ideas for larger and more finished pieces.

So without further ado, I’d like to share some more images from the middle section of this personal challenge. Click on each thumbnail to view the images larger. If you’d like updates on the project to see each day’s illustration, follow me on Instagram (@abctypography) or tumblr (jenhines78). Enjoy!


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