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Artist Trading Cards Summer ’16 Exchange

It’s that time again! The summer artist trading cards exchange is launched! This next exchange deadline is August 23rd, so there’s plenty of time to get creative!

Want to see a sample? Here are a few that I’ve made in the past for exchanges:


Always looking for new or repeat participants!

Want to participate? It’s free!

1. Make 9 artist trading cards

  • Each card must be 2.5″x3.5″ (64 mm × 89 mm).
  • Cards should be original artwork made by you, please no digital or photographic prints of works.
  • Cards can be in any handmade medium, including painting, drawing, ink, cut paper, collage, mixed-media, textiles/cloth, photography, etc. but must have some element of handmade on them (some parts can be digital, but not the entire thing please).
  • Cards can be all the same or all different, or any combination of the two.
  • Cards must be two-dimensional enough to fit into a standard plastic sleeve used for baseball or collector’s cards.

2. Include your name and email and/or website on the back of each card (print it or write legibly!). Please also include the place you call home on each of your cards so we all can see where each card originates!

3. Put the 9 cards in a plastic baseball card sleeve (it has one slot for each of the 9 cards, find them at hobby stores, on Amazon, or include $1 USD wrapped in a sheet of paper and I will provide one for you on return). It’s easiest if you DO NOT cut them apart.

4. In one pocket, please also include a business card or 2.5”x 3.5” sheet of paper with your name and email address. This is for my own mailing list to keep you informed of exchanges and receipt of your cards–it will not be sent out to other participants.

5. Include a SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope with enough postage to return your cards to you).

  • Envelopes that are full paper sized (8.5″x11″ or larger) are best so that the cards don’t need to be folded up (folded sheets can equal more expensive postage).
  • Postage needs to be enough to mail your cards back to you, so one regular letter stamp is not enough–keep in mind that some cards you receive may be thick or three-dimensional so extra postage is a good idea.
  • Put your address as the return address too–this is very important so that if the amount of postage is incorrect, it will still arrive at your door (but perhaps with postage due).
  • Canadian candidates: please provide US postage stamps or enclose $3 USD for return postage, or email me to obtain PayPal information for payment of return postage. Please make sure the SASE you provide is a paper envelope and IS NOT a bubble wrap mailer, otherwise customs forms have to be filled out.
  • International candidates: please email me at for instructions. To pay for return shipping, I will send you a PayPal address to pay a fee for return shipping (cost may vary by country, but will most likely be around $6-$10 USD due to the PayPal fee). Please do not use foreign stamps or enclose foreign currency or I will not be able to ship your cards back to you. Please make sure the SASE you provide is a paper envelope and IS NOT a bubble wrap mailer, otherwise customs forms have to be filled out.

Mail your 9 cards, contact information, plus your SASE to:

Artist Trading Cards
c/o Jennifer Hines
2744 N Mozart St
Chicago, IL 60647

Next Deadline: August 23, 2016

This is an ongoing volunteer project and there is no fee to participate, other than the return postage. After the deadline, you will receive 9 new cards by other artists for your collection. You should receive your cards a couple of weeks after the deadline.

For more information, contact Jennifer Hines at


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