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100-day project complete, and I’m still going!

I’ve been participating in a 100-day project since January, so for 100 straight days, I’ve been making and posting a drawing–a quick illustration, or “doodle” of lettering with some sort of object or image to go with it… My 100-day project, 100 days of Illustrated Lettering Doodles, was instigated by The 100-Day Project ( and it’s been a great reason to be creative, giving me lots of ideas for future, more complex drawings.

So today is day 103–why haven’t I stopped? Well, another group organized by Elle Luna and the tag for the entire project is #the100dayproject on Instagram. is also running a 100 day project, and it started just before my previous one ended, so… why not participate in both?

Here are some recent images from my project (click on them to enlarge). Follow me on Instagram (@abctypography) for all the latest, and stay tuned for some of these to become larger drawings.


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