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Artist Trading Card summer exchange, just over 1 month left to submit!

Just a little over a month left to submit artist trading cards for the summer exchange–the deadline is August 23, 2016. I’ve already received lots of submissions (thanks to those who sent them in already!), and just finished up my own cards for the exchange. I usually try to give one of my cards to everyone who participates in the exchanges, so maybe these images of my cards in process will persuade you to get creating and send in your cards asap!

As always, details can be found here:

Happy creating!

2016-07-12 18.18.12-1

Mini versions of manila folders and lined paper, in progress…

2016-07-12 18.45.49

Cutting out the corners and tabs in the manila folders…

2016-07-13 07.54.59

Stamping hearts onto the mini lined paper…

2016-07-13 08.09.44

More stamping onto the lined paper! You can see my assembly line going on here…

2016-07-13 08.25.53

Stamping on the manila folders… first class!

2016-07-13 08.29.07

Lines and lines of mini manila folders…

2016-07-13 08.30.02

Stuffing the folders with the prepared lined paper…

2016-07-13 08.33.53

And finished! Each artist trading card is a little manila folder with a piece of lined paper inside it. Fun to receive, I hope!


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