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Learning brush script lettering, one day at a time…

Hello! If any of you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen that I am learning brush script lettering and posting a picture of some practice words daily. I’ve been participating in the brush letter practice challenge put on by Random Olive ( or on Instagram @randomolive Each month she selects a theme, and then a word supporting the theme for each day of the month. She publishes the list beforehand and you can print it out and follow along with the daily prompts. Themes have been flowers, trees, baseball, US cities… you get the idea.. I’ve already noticed myself improving greatly! I’ve used a brush and ink, but lately have been enjoying using Tombow brush script pens to write with.

Check out the images while I learn and perfect my technique:

The flowers and inspirational words (learn, lilac, and dahlia) were from when I was using a brush and ink and I was just learning. Next came world cities, cocktails, and US cities. Indianapolis was from today!

This has been a great exercise and I’m very glad I can spend 5 minutes each day to build upon this skill. Join in if you can!


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