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Artist Trading Cards Summer Exchange complete, next one due Nov. 15!

Thank you to all who participated in the summer artist trading card exchange! At this time, all of the cards are in the mail, including those to Canada. This was a great exchange with many new participants, so it was great to see such a variety of cards, both in style and medium!

I’ve posted all of the pictures on the flickr page, which has pictures from all the exchanges and can be found here: The ones from this exchange all start their filenames with “Summer2016” and are on the last page of the album. However, here are a few various sheets from this exchange for your viewing pleasure:


And lastly, here’s my card that I created–it was mimicking a manila folder with a piece of paper inside, just in miniature. Fun to do!


And then this reminds me: get ready for the next exchange, due November 15!

Details can be found here:

Spread the word, participate, and be creative!



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