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Don’t forget: Artist Trading Cards due in 2 weeks!

Just another friendly reminder to get your Artist Trading Cards in! Submissions are due by March 15 (although if you are running a few days late, please reach out to me, as I can still usually accommodate). Last exchange was the best ever, and I’ve already received lots of submissions already! Just as a teaser, here are some shots of me putting together my cards for this spring exchange:


Creating some lovely blue “rain” drops using water colors… it was sure messy!!!


After I glued on some gray paper clouds, it was time to stamp the text on each card…


So many cards!

Usually as the organizer, I make one for each participant… I got a head-start this time. Fun!

Hope you all find time to participate. Full details can be found on my Artist Trading Cards page.


2 thoughts on “Don’t forget: Artist Trading Cards due in 2 weeks!

  1. Hi Jennifer, I’ve been curious about artist trading cards for awhile now. I love making collaged and/or painted small tags and cards. Why are ATCs so popular? How are they different and what do people do with them? Can a person make money doing them? Maybe there’s a resource out there you can recommend if you don’t have time to answer my questions?

    Specifically, I’d like to get my toes wet and send a submission. I’m not sure of your guidelines or expectations. Will you send them to me?

    Thanks! I look forward to seeing what this ATC thing is all about! Judy Miller

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    1. Hi Judy! Thanks for your comment. ATCs are fun because they are a standard size and are made to share and trade with others, that is their main purpose and I think that’s why they got more popular. My guidelines are pretty loose and can be found here. Hope you can participate!

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