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Sketchbook Lettering

Hello all! Even though I haven’t been blogging, I have been doing lots and lots of things! My instagram, @abctypography, is the best way to stay up-to-date on my daily happenings. However, I wanted to share some fun lettering pieces that I’ve done in my sketchbook… I like the smaller size so that it’s easy to tackle and finish a sketch, and I’ve done many of these while traveling, on an airplane or sitting in the airport, or even just sitting on the couch downstairs while listening to music.

2017-06-01 11.45.082017-06-02 10.10.37-22017-04-10 16.11.522017-04-14 17.41.21-22017-05-01 13.55.05-12017-05-22 13.29.222017-05-22 14.50.402017-05-25 16.00.09-12017-05-25 16.00.322017-05-27 11.42.012017-05-27 12.11.47-2

Maybe some of these will find a way into other sketches or drawings in the future, but for now I’m enjoying making them and plan to make more. Fun stuff!


3 thoughts on “Sketchbook Lettering

    1. Thank you! I follow a lot of other artists and am inspired just by what they do, but the world in general inspires me. I try to draw different styles and fonts to get practice and make sure they all don’t look exactly the same. Thanks for the comment!

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