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Fun Type Animations

I took a Skillshare class on how to make cute and subtle hand-drawn type animations, which ended up being a quick way to create a whimsical fun animation.


The process was to draw some text–something quick and easy–then trace over it 4-6 times so that you had a handful of drawings that were pretty much the same but with subtle variations in line and shape (since who can trace something perfectly, right?!). Ideally some lines or shapes shifted so that the animation showed the text moving a little bit from frame to frame.

The first drawing I did! There were four more for this composition to make the animation.

After drawing the sketches on some old wrinkly tracing paper I had, I scanned them in, aligned them in Photoshop, and added the colors. Then I created a frame-by-frame animation for them. Overall this was an easy and quick process and I was hooked! See below for more that I did…

The first animation I did!


This has been a fun way to play with animation and do something quick and energizing without having to spend hours on it. For an easy drawing, I’d say these take 1-2 hours total. I plan to make more, so stay tuned! ;o)


2 thoughts on “Fun Type Animations

  1. this is super cool and I love your quotes! Great way to express with the heart one! What program did you use for this?

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