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Artist Trading Cards summer exchange a huge success! Start now for fall!

Hello everyone! Last month was the deadline for the summer artist trading card exchange, and I have to say, it was my most successful yet! Not only did I have more participants than ever (with lots of new people joining in this round), but there was such variety and creative thought put into all of these cards! A great exchange!

You can see images on flickr, but I’m including a few here as well (click to enlarge):


But this also means that the fall artist trading card exchange is live! Cards are due to me by November 15 and will be sent out back to participants a couple of weeks afterward (Thanskgiving always mucks up the mail there for a bit). The next exchange after that will be March 15, 2018, so consider yourself warned! ;o)

Find all the details for the exchange here:

I’m not sure if everyone knows this, but I always try to give one of my own cards to each participant, so I make much more than 9! I did two versions of cards this time, which is a good thing because we had many more participants than I was expecting!

Here are some images of my cards (click to enlarge), with some in-progress shots:

Looking forward to seeing what the November exchange brings, and how many cards come in… Now I guess I have to start thinking about what I should do for mine! ;o)


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