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Fall ATC Exchange complete, plus news for spring exchange

Hello everyone! I’ve been a bit busy of late and realized it’s been a while since I posted. In the past few months, the fall artist trading card exchange has come and gone, and wow, was it a great collection of cards! The new cards (and the old cards from other exchanges) can all be found on the flickr page:

Perhaps some of you have been interested in how the exchange works. Usually I take over our basement TV room for the day, spread out all the envelopes, pull all the cards out, and exchange them. It’s overall a pretty easy process, but time-consuming, and it’s really important to stay organized so I don’t accidentally send someone back their own cards! I also usually create one ATC card for every participant so that everyone gets one of my cards and I get one of everyone else’s cards.

I’ve also announced the *last* exchange for the spring with a deadline of April 15, 2018. I’ve been hosting this exchange for about 8 years (it was loose and not very frequent at first, but I’ve been interested in ATCs for a long time!) and it’s time for me to pass the baton on to someone else. Luckily another ATC lover has agreed to take the reigns from me, so after April, there will be new instructions and a new address. I’ll still help her get the exchange advertised in the beginning, but this way everyone doesn’t have to just quit making and exchanging great cards…

But for spring and the April 15 deadline, the same story applies. Send in your 9 cards to me and I’ll mail you back cards from others. Here are the details for the exchange.

As a little teaser, here are some images of my favorite ATCs that I have done in the past few years:

Stay creative all….



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