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Bespoke Pet Portraits – custom hand-drawn images of pets make great gifts!

Hello all! For Christmas this year, I tried out something new–I made hand-drawn portraits of some pets in my family and gave them to my loved ones as gifts. I can’t believe how fun this project was, so I definitely want to keep doing them!

Finished framed pics of Rory and Monty’s portraits!

Unbeknownst to my family, I found or took images of their pets–all dogs in our family. The image had to be a clear shot of their face, and ideally a good straight-on pic where the pet was looking right at the camera. Then I used my drawing skills to isolate the likeness of the pup using thick pen lines, and then smaller shapes.

Process shot for Rory and Monty. I did about four drawings of Rory to get the hair right.
Final ink drawings for Monty and Rory, plus name tags.
Process shots of Sable and Sadie’s drawings…

All of these came into Illustrator, where I added color, a little bit of a background shading, and a wreath to surround the pet’s face. Then these got printed and mailed off for their owners to enjoy!

Sadie was my sister’s family pup. Unfortunately she passed away this last Christmas, so my portrait was just in time… such a sweet dog, and she’ll be missed!
Sable, nicknamed “Rocket Girl”, is my parents long-haired dachshund.
Showing the likeness with Rory… he wasn’t happy about it and his hair is pretty crazy here!
Monty would barely hold his head up for this shot, I was taking too much time away from his napping.
Rory and Monty’s portraits on our mantel. Success!

If you are interested in having your pet drawn in a custom illustrated pet portrait, please reach out to with a query. Let’s chat about it!


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